Counseling for Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals

At Neutral Ground Counseling Group, we provide a safe, therapeutic environment where our transgender and gender non-conforming clients feel supported, affirmed, and respected for who they are. We support our clients through their unique path of transition to their authentic selves. We seek to empower our clients to feel positive about who they are. We provide coping strategies for depression, anxiety, harm reduction, family issues, and many other issues that arise during their transition.

We are able to offer our clients support letters for medical transition and referrals to LGBTQIA+ resources in the DC metro area. 

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Conversion/Reparative Therapy Policy

Neutral Ground Counseling is strongly opposed to conversion or reparative therapy. We believe that conversion therapy causes harm to individuals. We stand with the scientific community that has proven that conversion therapy is ineffective and can be detrimental to those that undergo that type of treatment. Also, we stand behind the American Counseling Association's Ethical Codes stating that conversion therapy is unethical. Therefore, we do not provide conversion or reparative therapy as a treatment option.