Couples Therapy

If you've asked yourself: "Why do we continue to have the same argument over and over?" "How do we get through this as a couple?" Is it even worth it to stay in this relationship?" "Why don't they love me like they used to?" "How could they have cheated on me?" "What happened to us? We used to be so close." Then, couples therapy might be right for you. 

Every relationship has its own unique set of "ups" and "downs." As time progresses, our relationships change with the people we choose to have a relationship with due to these "ups" and "downs."  Some relationships thrive and others fade away naturally. Some relationships add to our lives while others suffocate us.  At Neutral Ground Counseling Group, we assist in creating open communication between couples. We offer a safe space for each person to be heard and seen. We offer support for couples to come to a mutual conclusion about the state of their relationship and what comes next.